Find your next car with Cazana

Find your next car with Cazana

With Cazana you can search every vehicle on the road in the UK for free

Find out if a vehicle is written off,
stolen or has outstanding finance

Enter a number plate for the most comprehensive check on the market

Search every car on sale in the UK

Cazana searches the whole market so you don't have to.
Hit the button to search 620,000+ cars on sale in the UK right now.

Who are Cazana

Who are Cazana?

Cazana helps used car buyers find a car across the whole market of dealers
and private sellers and then check that it's safe to buy.

Our aim is to make buying, selling and working with used cars a more enjoyable, safer and
better value experience.

How it works

How do we do this?

Cazana provides information on every vehicle on the road in the UK.

We've wrapped this data up into easy to use tools that help you make more informed
decisions about the cars you search for, buy and own.

Cazana for business

Cazana for business

We help businesses with our huge database too. From finance companies to car dealerships,
we can help everyone when it comes to used car data.

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