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In a competitive automotive market, it is more important than ever to use data to drive informed business decisions on stocking, pricing and risk. Cazana's automotive solutions, powered by Cazana's unique valuation and history data help businesses work with vehicles in a more informed manner ultimately driving increased profitability and lower risk.

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Valuation of vehicles

Accurate valuation of vehicles is essential for almost every sector of the Automotive Industry. Whether buying for stock, selling to the trade or the retail customer, getting the value right will ensure the best return on investment, create business opportunities and maximise profits.

Understanding the true value of a car today or seeking to forecast it's future value for finance or contract hire purposes is a fundamental.

Using Cazana retail driven methodology and historical modelled data gives the confidence that the value is accurate and up to date and drawn from over 10 million retail price points over the course of each year.

For companies owning and running fleets of any size, understanding the current and future value of their assets is a critical part of day to day business.

Accurate forecasting facilitates better risk management which in turn can bring a wealth of savings and opportunities including better rates on future borrowing, improved market penetration and increased sales.

Using retail based data from Cazana that includes considerations for mileage, condition, model lifecycle and seasonal variations will improve market understanding and provide the ability for customers to accurately forecast future values.

Understanding the the current value of a vehicle is imperative whether you are looking at buying it for stock, taking it as a part exchange or seeking to retail it from a forecourt, online or a car supermarket.

Using Cazana retail driven methodology drawn from over 10 million retail price points over the course of each year ensures we are the only company that can provide a true and accurate value for a car in todays market based on real time data and unedited by human intervention.

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Vehicle sales and asset liquidation

For those operating fleets for business purposes and companies financing cars for business use, understanding asset values now and in the future is essential. Current suppliers use historical data from just wholesale sources which is then manually edited often on subjective comment. Data science based on fact not fiction ensures swift profitable asset management through the lifecycle of every vehicle.

Understanding market dynamics is crucial when retailing a car to the consumer end user. Using Cazana data allows your business to identify the right price at which to retail all and also accounts for regional variarions.

Using the days to sale and Cazana driven insight and intelligence combined with up to the minute retail driven pricing your business will maximise on the profit corridor and be able to choose how fast you want to sell your stock.

Using historical data modelled to detail movements within the UK market in recent years combined with insights as to what is currently happening in the market will assist your business in identifying what has sold well historically and more importantly what is retailing fast right now.

Combined Cazana resources are the way to understand what to sell and how to purchase and price stock effectively and make sure assetes sell as quickly as possible.

Using the wealth of data gleaned from the market on a daily basis, regional performance data will help place the right car in the right location at the right price. Cazana's extensive data ensures that regional insight is factual, relevant, up to date and accurate.

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Risk and Actuary

Having a demonstrable audit trail based on the latest high quality data ensures sound commercial strategies and a measured risk policy. Those with vehicles on-risk such as motor insurers also need to ensure that risk is being appropriately appraised at time of quotation and cover, and that signs of fraud are correctly identified at point of claim.

Cazana data is essential in providing an independent up to date valuation of either a single or multiple assets. Using live data from the vibrant retail market where the largest volume of information is available, Cazana valuation data, forecast data and insight give a science based answer to asset valuation.

Cazana's risk scores and VRM-based vehicle history lookup provide a new source of vehicle risk and fraud data to insurers. Used by police forces and professional bodies, as well as a number of major motor insurers and claims handlers, Cazana's data is proven to help add a pricing and risk detection edge, as well as increase visibility on motor claims fraud.

UK Vehicle market data

The UK Automotive Market is one of the most complex in the world with multiple factors affecting demand, supply and general trading conditions. Where the economy has become less secure in recent years and Brexit now less than a year away, being able to understand the complexities and nuances of what has happened, what current conditions are like and then seeking to predict the future has never been so important. Using the largest data set available and the latest science based modelling is categorically the best way to stay ahead of the competition.

Cazana collate more retail data than anyone else in the UK and have been doing so for over 5 years. Scientific analysis of this information gives customers a comprehensive back drop on what happens in the industry at key times linked to both regular and inconsistent events hence furnishing analysts with a robust baseline for informed market forecasting.

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Reviewing public domain retail based asking pricing on an hourly basis from thousands of sources means that Cazana have the most extensive relevant view of what is happening in the consumer driven retail market.

With over 720,000 vehicles on-sale reviewed daily and in excess of 10 million over the course of a year, Cazana is the defacto source of vehicle retail insight.

If a consumer see's higher volumes of a certain model in the market today then retail prices are put under pressure straight away and Cazana's data reflects this in realtime (unlike legacy trade-based approaches).

Cazana collate more retail data than anyone else in the UK and have been doing so for over 5 years. Scientific analysis of this information gives customers a comprehensive back drop on what happens in the industry at key times linked to both regular and inconsistent events.

With millions of data points relating to in excess of 40 million individual VRM's stretching from classic models to current production cars it is unlikely that there is a competitive data provider capable of showing what the uk automotive market has done in recent times.

Cazana have been compiling market data in the UK, Europe and US in ever increasing volume for over 5 years and using this fascinating insight in varied ways allows customers to see trends and changes in the market often weeks ahead of other data providers working on lower volumes of historical data.

Cazana provide a bespoke data analysis service designed to answer the questions that our customers have about problems specific to their business.

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