Cazana helps companies
who work with vehicles

Cazana valuation tools

Cazana's valuation tools are helping to transform the vehicle asset finance sector and are already being trusted by major vehicle manufacturers and leasing companies to provide relevant, retail derived valuation insights.

Our data-science led valuation system is powered by our huge global database of vehicle selling price data and enables us to accurately value, and predict the value of all vehicles from the rarest classic to high volume modern day vehicles. We also help calculate electric and hybrid vehicle residual values and are supporting the growth of used car PCP by accurately forecasting residual values on vehicles up to 15 years old.

Cazana's data spans all vehicles on the road and companies are able to obtain valuation data on everything from classic cars to LCVs. Cazana is powering the next generation of fleet and leasing companies by giving greater certainty on valuations across a much wider range of vehicles than previously possible.

Cazana's valuations are on a per-vehicle, not 'per code' basis giving a high degree of certainty on what a specific vehicle is worth based on its specific history, condition and fitted optional extras.

Residual Value and Remarketing departments use Cazana to more accurately predict future values and to extract more value from their fleets - get in touch for a free demonstration of how we can support your business and join the other fleet, leasing, rental companies, manufacturers and banks getting better vehicle valuations with Cazana.