Car Valuations – Check how much your car is worth

Getting a Cazana car valuation couldn't be simpler, sign up for a free account and enter the vehicles registration mark!

Are you looking to sell or buy a used car? Need to know how much that car is valued at? Cazana users can get a free car valuation simply by entering the vehicle registration mark. If you are a trade user, you can get both Cazana retail and remarket values, sign up for a free account now.

How Cazana’s Car Valuations are calculated

Cazana has a massive database of over 750,000+ cars on sale in the UK right now and using that data along with historical pricing data we can identify market trends faster than anyone else. Values are calculated using advanced data science models and are completely free of human bias. Cazana’s values are also updated every 24 hours giving you a live daily value reflective of today’s retail market.  

Getting a Cazana valuation couldn’t be simpler, sign up for a free account and enter the vehicle’s registration mark!  You also get estimated mileage, previous sale information and MOT history all for free. If you are buying the car you have the option to also upgrade to our paid vehicle check to get a complete picture of the vehicle’s history and to make sure it has never been written off, stolen or has outstanding finance on it.

Trade Users

If you are a dealer, manufacturer or another trade user we can also offer you valuations to support your business and help you price your stock and value cars to buy. Check out our business pages for more information on Cazana’s trade products. We’re pleased to announce that Cazana’s valuations are also now award winning, having received the 2018 Car Finance Award for Industry Gamechanger.

What factors affect a cars valuation?

There is a long list of factors that can affect the valuation of your vehicle, but listed below are a few of the more obvious ones to look out for.

  • Mileage – the higher the mileage on the vehicle the less the car will be worth.
  • Condition The more scratches and dents your car has the less you are likely to get for the car. There is so much choice in the used car market nowadays buyers will look for cars in mint condition and not settle for any old banger.
  • AgeThe older cars get, the more their values tend to depreciate annually. If newer models are introduced into the market that can also affect your cars valuation. Some older and prestige vehicles can also appreciate with age. 
  • BrandLuxury car brands like Audi or BMW for example tend to hold their value much more than more mainstream brands.
  • Equipment – Especially a factor on newer vehicles, optional equipment can have an impact on the value, and saleability of a vehicle.

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