How to keep the value of your car high

Car maintenance is important so that when it comes to selling the car down the line you can get a fair and decent price for the vehicle

A car’s value is made up of certain elements including its age, mileage and condition. However, you cannot stop a car from getting older and you may not have control over the mileage, but you can maintain the car well and keep it in top condition. So, that when it comes to selling the car down the line you can get a fair and decent price for the vehicle.

Listed below is 6 ways you can maintain your car to ensure its value is kept high.


Be mindful of where you park your vehicle. If you are lucky enough to own a garage then park your car inside it to protect from weather damage and reduce the chances of it being stolen or damaged/scraped by cars passing by etc. If you don’t own a garage then try to park it in a shaded place and be careful when parking too close to other cars so when passengers open nearby car doors they won’t scratch yours in the process. It is also, not a good idea to park under trees as falling branches and other falling debris etc can damage your windows or paintwork.

Regular Maintenance

Car Maintenance

Every vehicle comes with an owners manual and it that manual usually towards the back there is a maintenance schedule. You should follow this maintenance schedule and have regular check ups. Even the smallest of problems can build up and affect the value of your car when it comes to reselling it, so it’s important to fix any problems as soon as you notice them and if you don’t notice them regular check-ups at your local garage will help iron them out and keep your car ticking over nicely.

Keep All Documents

Make sure to keep all car maintenance receipts and documents along with receipts for any new parts you have put into the car and all service records as this will be good proof to any potential buyers that the car has been well maintained and cared for.

Don’t Smoke

If you are a smoker try to resist the urge to smoke in the car as the smell will be extremely hard to get rid of and will immediately turn off any non-smokers who view the car. Cigarette smoke can also stain and dull the interiors of your vehicle and overall will make the car impossible to sell on.

Clean Regularly

Regularly clean the interior of your car. Hoover and take out any and all maps and make sure to clean them and the dashboard. When cleaning your vehicle make sure to use proper cleaning products for cars and not household ones. It is important to also wash the exterior of your car regularly. On top of cleaning the car regularly, you should also get it waxed a couple of times a year. This will help maintain the paintwork and keep it from looking dull and faded.

Fix Any Minor Problems Immediately

If your car has a broken or faded headlight, then fix it immediately. If the rubber is worn out on your windscreen wipers the this can also be fixed immediately. There are all small fixes you can do yourself with a little help from a family member, friends, Google or youtube. Fix them straight away and don’t let them fester into bigger problems.

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